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We’ve recently been helping one of our clients with persona creation – persona creation basically  involves creating a fictional character who represents your target market, as Wikipedia says here:

Personas are useful in considering the goals, desires, and limitations of brand buyers and users in order to help to guide decisions about a service, product or interaction.

They are also useful if your marketing is split amongst several different groups and they all need to know who they are marketing towards.

After pointing our client toward a few useful links:

We were presented with a dark insight in to the mind of …Toby Larone:


Toby regularly watches popular television programmes such as Hollyoaks, Masterchef and usual collection of reality TV.

Although the town he lives in is pleasant enough, he can’t help but feel bored with where he lives and is hungry for an adventure somewhere far away.

A Typical Day

Wakes up late, after staying up late to watch forgettable TV and talking to friends on Facebook. He has 4-6 hours of lectures, which he finds it hard to concentrate on due to numerous distractions, including a girl he has a crush on sitting opposite him. He goes home, has a bland dinner his mum has cooked 16512 times before and leaves for a 2-hour driving lesson. He comes back from his driving lesson with 3 things on the forefront of his mind: 1) College work 2) That girl 3) Plans for the weekend

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