A-Z Ridley Road Market

Alice Ralph

A is for...

Our good friend, artist Ania Bas, has been commissioned by Open Empty Spaces to create a site-specific work based at Ridley Road Market. She is based there for 26 days of research, creating an A-Z of the market that you can follow online.

Some of our favourites to date (that we hope she will explain to us in more detail) include: “flesh”, “eggs eau do toilette” (I really hope that one is all one phrase), “dandruff”, “celebrities (Alan Sugar)”, “big bargain!!!!”, and “aorta”.

If you want to find out more about Ania and her practice, she is holding an open studio day on Tuesday 19th April between 11am – 3pm at her Market Stall in Ridley Road, Dalston, E8 2NP.

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About Alice Ralph

Alice worked for a giant printing company and learnt all the technical stuff, then for a lovely art gallery where she learnt all the creative stuff. Then finally she worked for Wired Canvas where she mostly eats Jaffa Cakes and ignores Rob. Inexplicably (despite otherwise good taste in music) she has an obsessive love of the band Hanson. Google+