Ikea Surprise


After a shopping trip to Ikea I’ve reached a level of existential enlightenment I’d never thought I’d attain.

No longer am I taking small things for granted.

To buy a pint of milk is a luxury:

Should you not have to choose your cow, find your cow, pay for your cow (if it’s in stock) take it home (use your own transportation means) read the instructions on how to milk it, realise that you’ve only bought 1 half of the milk receptacle, phone the helpline, get other half of milk receptacle delivered, proceed to milking cow, collect milk, have a nice sit down and a cup of tea, realise milk is off, cow is faulty, transport cow to returns department, take ticket, cue for half an hour with cow, return cow now with a 30% deduction as you have used cow and it’s not in it’s original cow packaging, go home, no milk… choose cow, find cow…

I suppose the cow was cheap though.

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